Andrea Senutovitch

Andrea Senutovitch was born in Rio Arriba County in Northern New Mexico in 1961. Her fathers side of the family fled the Russian Revolution in 1917. Her mothers side came to New Mexico in the early 1900’s. She began working with antique objects and experimenting with photography in the early 1990’s on her grandfather printmaker, Willard Clark’s 4×5 Graflex Speed Graphic. Her sculptures are heavily influenced by primitive African wood carvings and masks as well as the Russian Constructivists and Surrealists. Andrea translates her thoughts into visual chatter, the object or image then begins to speak becoming an alchemic soup of soul. She creates sculptures in the form of giant pull toys and bird cages filled with musical instruments and antique glass lenses. She constructs and weaves mythological Ibis beaks with cloth, bones and shells and experiments with crystals and photograms and uses large antique industrial dials with Dada overtones